Our team. 100% certified human.

Over the years we’ve become experts in getting to know businesses inside out, helping manage their people in the way that suits them. So whether you need us to take over every aspect of your HR, or just want guidance on a particular issue, you’ll be able to call on our dedicated, experienced team whenever you need to.

Hugh Nickerson, Managing Director

With fellow director Rachel, occasional bagpipe player Hugh founded Conundrum in 1994. His deeply analytical approach allows him to always identify the issues that really matter, and those which don’t. Plus, with decades of experience at both multinational organisations and smaller UK companies in seriously specialist industries, he’s highly adept at keeping in tune with the very particular culture of every business he works with.

Rachel Goulding, Finance Director

Born in Kuwait and a veritable globetrotter, Rachel’s early career was spent in London and New York mastering finance, administration and research at Deloitte, The Sutton Company and Palladine Private Equity. Ever since co-founding Conundrum in 1994, she’s used her fiendishly sharp eye for detail to our clients’ advantage – so whether it’s HR admin or keeping track of our own accounts she’s got it covered. (No wonder she’s a mean bridge player.)

Anne Gradwell, HR Advisor

Anne has over fifteen years of HR experience, working with some of the UK’s biggest corporations and the quirkiest start-ups. She’s known for her calm, measured attitude to solving problems, and for being able to build deep, seriously effective relationships with businesspeople of all sorts. Anne enjoys fair-weather camping, kayaking and paddleboarding, and bargain-hunting (in auction rooms where her calmness wins the day).

Bethan Ellis, Client Services Manager

Bethan is Conundrum’s in-house polymath. Prior to Conundrum, she worked in customer service and project management in the retail and leisure industries – and she was once awarded a medal for her floral design at the Chelsea Flower Show. In fact, she still uses her creative skills to throw pottery, embroider and paint (when her dogs don’t get in the way… which, being spaniels, they generally do). Since 2014, she’s been our go-to organiser, chief spinner of plates and all-round creative thinker, helping to deliver what businesses need, exactly when they need it.

Cathy Jones, HR and Recruitment Executive

A former account manager for Toshiba, Cathy’s a true master of spreadsheets and organised down to every last detail. She’s excellent at multitasking at both work and at home – where she’ll whip up quite the feast for her lucky family and friends (with an extra bite for the dog). Her Christmas dinner spreadsheet is legendary! At work, she keeps a keen eye on what’s going on, and makes sure clients have exactly what they need to keep everything in good order.

Erin Moakes, HR and Recruitment Executive

Keen gardener, netball player and cheese aficionado Erin began her career in guest services and operations at some of the UK’s leading leisure attractions. Since joining Conundrum in 2015, she’s used this unique experience to help businesses get to grips with their HR and recruitment – and with a warm, thoughtful and thorough approach, she listens carefully to help solve their problems. (So long as she’s got a slice of Stilton to hand, too).

Hannah Cheney, HR and Recruitment Executive

Before joining Conundrum in 2019, Hannah worked as a legal secretary as well as completing a stint at the MOD, so whilst her experience is a real mix, she understands the importance of attention to detail and following agreed process.  An animal lover, she spends most of her time outside the office trying to minimise the destruction caused by cockapoo Biscuit and cat Nutmeg. When she isn’t breaking up feuds in the animal kingdom, you’ll find her in the gym training for her next powerlifting competition or in the kitchen, cooking up weird and wonderful plant-based creations.  This great blend gives her the confidence to keep a cool head under pressure as she masters the sometimes complex art of supporting the differing needs of our clients.